About Moi

Why, halloooo there!

"What's with the weird blog title?" You're  probably wondering.
No worries, I am here to explain.
I'm the VEGGIE polyglotographer because I believe in the rights of animals and I'm a determined vegetarian. I'm a polyglotographer (yes, I made this word up) because I'm a polyglot, which according to dictionary.com is "a person with a command of many languages ",  and I'm an amateur photographer.
The languages I am in command of are English (as you can see), because I am half American, French, because I live in France, and Spanish (though I'll be honest: I'm not fluent... But I'm on my way!) because I am half Argentinian.

I started The Veggie Polyglotographer in September 2012, wishing to share with the world the many thoughts which sometimes overwhelm my brain.
Here I post about good veggie food, my current likes and dislikes, being a teen, and much more.

In my free time you will find me reading, blogging, baking, practicing yoga, running, or playing the guitar.
Later on, I want to be a journalist, or a writer. Or both. ;)
I tend to be the calm girl but I can be quite crazy at times.
I am the girl behind this blog.
This is my little world. Enjoy!


  1. It's funny because we're a lot alike- I love writing and want to do it when I get out of high school, and I just moved to France from USA... I speak English and French fluently (:
    I don't know I just wanted to add that in, it isn't every day that these things happen ;P
    I really like your blog you're a great writer (:

    1. Thank you so much! I love connecting with other teens like us, and you are right, it's not everyday that you get to meet people like yourself, which is why blogging is so great! Do leave comments whenever you please, I'd love to hear from you again :)

  2. Hey Carmen, I just found your comments on my blog from a while ago. Thanks! I love reading your stuff, it's fun and inspiring and makes me wonder why in the world I abandoned my blog for all these weeks. Anyway, I'll see you around the web! Greetings from Bucharest. Manuela

    1. Just saw your comment! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  3. New follower - love your blog!
    Tane ♥

  4. you beauty! i'm totally like you in the "usually calm, other times crazy" aspect. oh, and you have such a awesome blog title--i love it! (:


  5. Hello!

    Im Natasha and I came across ur blog while blog-huntin'. Wow! I love ur amazing, fun, and bubbly writing style! Cool blog with a wat cooler authoress! hehe :P

    Looking forward to more lovely posts! <3


  6. Heya :) you seem like a really interesting person (and really pretty too!). While I am by no means fluent in many languages, I speak English, Irish and German. I hope to be fluent in German some day! I'm also a vegetarian by choice, it sure is difficult to avoid stupid animal-containing products! Anyway, I'm interested to read any future blog posts!

    Anna x

  7. Love your blog!! You're so pretty!! :)