Switzerland switzerland

I've been here for 4 months now, and I'm glad to say I feel at home!
It's fairly easy to navigate the city- and I think I might love it.

Especially now, at Christmas time. The streets are eerily quiet, and the city's submerged in fog. In fact (my family might get tired of hearing me say this) but when I'm outside I feel like I'm walking in a dream. Did I mention all the christmas lights? Whimsical.

My gorgeous friend from Lyon visited me for this first (extended) weekend of Christmas break, which was a great opportunity to spend time with the camera while exploring. 

Boréal Café

Lac Léman

Record Shop

Place bel-air 

We mostly spent time traipsing in the streets, but also went thrift shopping, record shopping, and to explore cafés and restaurants (yes, it was slightly expensive- but the mochaccino I'm drinking is worth it). 
Christmas is in two days, and as much as I love foggy weather, I am longing for snow. The snow is playing hooky. Where has it gone? It is not even in the nearby mountains, which is alarming given that my family going skiing in one week (actually, if I'm to be honest I'll admit I am sort of relieved- this means we can take walks instead (more photo opportunities!) and sit around in Chalets while I read my book).


Goodbye Lyon

If you don't know me in person then you are not aware that just a few days ago, my family moved from Lyon, France to Geneva, Switzerland. The moving process overall was OK, but mentally I am still in a state of shift. I'm excited about starting at a new school, and living in this amazing city, but obviously leaving your home is destabilizing... I feel like I'm neither here nor there. All day I've been having pangs of sadness thinking of the distance between my friends and I. I miss looking out my old window and seeing the beautiful Saône river. But rather than going into details, here are some photos of my neighborhood that I took during my last days in Lyon... They'll probably be going on Instagram soon. :p

Been gone

Hi guys,
I know I've been gone. I apologize.
I've had many, bigger things than my blog on my mind this year, but I am not going to use that as an excuse for not posting.
My excuse is... I was not motivated. And that is so, so unlike me. I definitely did not enjoy reflecting on the fact that I was not motivated, so I started to neglect thoughts about my blog altogether.
For a long time I felt guilty about the neglect. But now I realize that feeling that way is stupid. Projects start, projects end. And it's OK!
However, lately I've started to miss the blogging, and connecting with other bloggers. So I am going to start writing again occasionally- that is, only when I feel like it.
And I'm not going to write for an audience; I am going to write for myself.
I will no longer count followers, and I will rarely advertise my posts on social media.
This blog will be a trace I leave... a collection of thoughts. I think I have many interesting things to put out there.

xo, Carmen