Been gone

Hi guys,
I know I've been gone. I apologize.
I've had many, bigger things than my blog on my mind this year, but I am not going to use that as an excuse for not posting.
My excuse is... I was not motivated. And that is so, so unlike me. I definitely did not enjoy reflecting on the fact that I was not motivated, so I started to neglect thoughts about my blog altogether.
For a long time I felt guilty about the neglect. But now I realize that feeling that way is stupid. Projects start, projects end. And it's OK!
However, lately I've started to miss the blogging, and connecting with other bloggers. So I am going to start writing again occasionally- that is, only when I feel like it.
And I'm not going to write for an audience; I am going to write for myself.
I will no longer count followers, and I will rarely advertise my posts on social media.
This blog will be a trace I leave... a collection of thoughts. I think I have many interesting things to put out there.

xo, Carmen


  1. Almost a year! :O But yay, you're back!!