Goodbye Lyon

If you don't know me in person then you are not aware that just a few days ago, my family moved from Lyon, France to Geneva, Switzerland. The moving process overall was OK, but mentally I am still in a state of shift. I'm excited about starting at a new school, and living in this amazing city, but obviously leaving your home is destabilizing... I feel like I'm neither here nor there. All day I've been having pangs of sadness thinking of the distance between my friends and I. I miss looking out my old window and seeing the beautiful Saône river. But rather than going into details, here are some photos of my neighborhood that I took during my last days in Lyon... They'll probably be going on Instagram soon. :p


  1. Super photos! Enjoy your new home and friends you are certain to make there.
    Susan Joyce

  2. Oh my word - you moved to Switzerland!? Ahh I adored Switzerland on my travels.. I actually did a travel post on a little town called Lautternbrunnen. Please visit that town sometime - it is INCREDIBLE. I'd move there in a heartbeat.

    I know it must be hard to relocate though. My family picked me up and moved me from England to South Africa when I was 10... when I'd just started developing real friendships and settling into school and forming a life for myself in some way. I resented them and I resented the country for MANY years and in ways I still do. Life would have been completely different had I stayed in England - a lot wouldn't have happened though. I'd never have gotten the animals I love and cherish today, I'd never have met the people that inspired the novels I've written... so my big advice would just be to embrace it. Soak in the change and the experience and if you're a writer, think of this as your biggest opportunity to write something incredible... something you'd never have written if you'd been in France.

  3. I'm sure that your new school will be cool :) btw amazing photos, I'm in love <3

  4. Moving is such a special time, dear. xx I know you'll make loads of new friends and have heaps of fun with your family. I know it must be scary moving to a new country, and you must be heartbroken to leave your friends and city behind. x ;( I know you're strong, and I know you'll get through the struggle!
    ~ Sanjana

  5. These are some awesome photos. It's a shame that you moved from Lyon, but I bet that Geneva will be even more beautiful, and that you'll make plenty of friends at your new school c:

    Little Moon Elephant