Vote for Hope

Today is the day of the US elections.... Fingers crossed for Obama!
I will be heartbroken if he is not re-elected.
I can't believe it was already four years ago that Obama became president. Time flies! I remember watching CNN on the couch with my mom in Paris, and how we both started crying whan he was elected. What a happy memory.  :')
I hope, with all my heart, that it will be the same this year. Here's a video that we watched repeatedly four years ago around the elections:

Aujourd'hui, c'est les élections présidentielles aux États-Unis... Croisons les doigts pour Obama!
J'aurai le coeur brisé s'il n'est pas réélu.
Je n'arrive pas à croire que cela fait déjà quatre ans qu'Obama est président. Le temps passe tellement vite! Je me souviens du soir des élections il y a quatre ans: J'étais encore à Paris, et avec ma mère on regardait CNN sur le canapé. On avait toutes les deux pleuré quand il était élu. Quel beau souvenir.  :')
Je souhaite de tout mon coeur que ce sera pareil ce soir. La vidéo juste au-dessus, on l'a regardé en boucle au temps des élections il y a quatre ans.


  1. I hope he's going to be re-elected too! It would be sad not to have health inssurance ♫

  2. I'm watching election results, and feeling more hopeful that Obama will be reelected. I'm one of those who are disappointed by Obama's performance so far, but I'm sure he'll be better than Romney. That PA and WI went for Obama and that they haven't been able to call VA, NC, and FL are very hopeful signs. Last weekend I got nervous enough that I put some money into Senate campaigns, with the idea that if Romney wins, holding onto the Senate is crucial. Polls have just closed in CO, but even here the preliminary results on ballot issues is looking good.
    I wanted to applaud your hesitancy to pick a career track for the rest of your life. I used to have this conversation with parents all the time and my students were college students, much older than you. Education should be about learning basic skills like writing and creativity (I loved your essay on the Village bookstore), and math (how to balance your checkbook, make a budget, read a spread sheet), etc. Mostly you should be learning how to think, getting the skills to be able to create a satisfying life. My advice is to pick the broadest possible course of study--general studies, liberal arts. Good luck.