I've been wanting to write this post for a long time, and finally I am able to... guess why?
...good news...
WOO HOO! Yeah! (applause)
After ten weeks without! Can you believe it? That's how long it takes to get settled after a move. We still have some boxes unpacked, and no artwork on the walls. No, seriously.
It feels so good to click on the little internet icon and see the Google searchbar pop up. Ahhhh. I've missed you, my sweet google. The clappity-clap of the keyboard feels wonderful. It is fabulous to write again.
Anyway. I want to share with you my discovery about sushi.
I've always admired the sushi served in a japanese restaurant. Haven't you? It looks so delicate, and beautiful, and... complicated to make, right? Well, turns out it's easy as pie to make once you get the hang of it. It's kind of like making a wrap. You just need the right utensils and ingredients, and you're set. It's really fast to make (once the rice is prepared) and great fun. And because I love y'all so much, I am here to share the art of sushi with you (what we made are actually called futomaki, but everybody says sushi).

I'm not giving the exact recipe, just the general idea of how sushi is made. Sushi can easily be  vegan by only putting veggies in the middle of the roll, but I just made them vegetarian, using egg and sour cream as well as veggies.  This is what you'll need:
-sushi rice
-sushi vinegar (to put in the rice... that's one of the things that makes sushi taste so special)
-nori (the seaweed used that envelops the rice and the veggies inside)
-thinly sliced veggies for the middle of the roll (cucumber, avocado, carrot...)
-tamago ("japanese omelet"or egg roll that is made with soy sauce and sugar. Optional.)
-fresh herbs of your choice (cilantro, dill...)
-sesame seeds (they give a nice touch. Optional)

You'll also need a bamboo sushi mat and plastic wrap to wrap around it so that the roll (and more specifically the sticky rice, which is VERY sticky) won't stick to the mat.
Tamago, sesame seeds, rice, herbs, sour cream, sliced veggies...

Once the plastic wrapped around the mat, place the nori , smooth side down, on it.

Put some rice on the nori, then flatten it out with your fingers.
 TIP: prepare a little bowl of water to dip your hands in before touching the rice, or it will become a sticky mess.
Put the veggies of your choice in the center of the rice.

Then, start rolling the mat, pressing the roll between your fingers.

When you're halfway done rolling, squeeze the roll with your fingers.

Unroll the mat. You've got your roll.
Now you're ready to cut it!
 TIP: Use a sharp knife and a wet cloth to wipe the rice off the knife after each cut, or it won't cut the roll properly.
Ready Sushi!

Ready Sushi!

Another example of what can be put in a maki roll.


  1. Thank God you're back. The sushi looks heavenly. I might give it a try.

  2. Hmm yum the sushi looks super good! And I would go mad without internet :)


  3. I like your pictures, and it's great that you have internet again. yay!