Irish Dancing

Is it nerdy that I have a sudden interest in Irish dancing? I was introduced to it during my vacation in Fuerteventura, in one of the night shows which was an interpretation of Riverdance. (If you've never heard of Riverdance, which I hadn't either, its a "theatrical show consisting of traditional Irish stepdancing, known for its rapid leg movements" according to Wikipedia)
The music enchanted me; It was magical. Look at the video below. The dancers look so light on their feet and like they're having so much fun! Isn't it amazing how fast they move?
 I feel like joining them on stage.
Not that I'm able to prance around like that.

The good news is, I might be able to take classes. Believe it or not, the former leader of Riverdance teaches classes right outside of Lyon! Is it a sign that I must take Irish dancing classes? I mean, how fortunate is it that I am so close to one of the most successful Irish dancers in the world?
Quelle coïncidence!


  1. I can TOTALLY see you doing that!

  2. Your cousin, Margi, takes lessons and loves the dancing. Enjoy

  3. Riverdance performs here several times each year. Next time you visit we can see if they are here. I"d love to go.They are also on television quite often. Love Grandma

  4. Actually irish dancing is really cool!
    And I love the music!

  5. WOW...
    They look like there not even touching the ground at some points!
    So awesome.