In which I explain my roots

I am back! I am back! I was gone but I'm back! :D
I'm quite glad to be home, as you can probably tell...
So I've returned to the blogosphere. So much has happened while I was gone! I need to catch up on everything! Heeelp!

I bet you're dying to hear about Paris.
First let me tell you WHY I was in Paris.
I realize that on this blog I've never really explained  where I'm from and where I've lived. People are pretty amazed when they've heard my story... I hope I won't be too confusing.
My mom is American and my dad is Argentinian/Italian. They met in New Orleans, fell madly in love, and because of my dad's job (doctor with MSF, which is Doctors Without Borders) they moved a lot around Africa... and in 1999 I was born in Nairobi, Kenya (where they had been for two years but we moved to Uganda when I was four weeks old)
Two years later my mom couldn't stand life as an expat wife in Africa anymore and we moved to Paris. We lived there up until two years ago when we moved here to Lyon.
But our tiny apartment in Paris is truly a gem. We are so attached to it that my parents could not give it up and they rent it out by the year to expat families... and when we're between renters we get to have a vacation in Paris! Which is what happened this summer.

It was a great trip. Just wonderful. Being in Paris brought back so many memories and I did almost everything I had hoped to do (I will write more tomorrow and post the pictures!). But I do admit, while away, I missed my kitties and my fabulous sofa. ;)

By the way, something went wrong with the automatic posting. I wrote two posts which were supposed to be published on the 23rd and 27th but for some reason it didn't work!


  1. I was wondering where those posts you promised us while you were gone were!!! And i was soooooooooooo mad at you!!! Just kidding ahaha ;)
    You're lucky to have an appartment in Paris. woah.
    sounds like it was fun!

    1. Haha I have to tell you I didn't believe you that you were mad :P

  2. haha, I feel so bad I wasn't there :( hope you had a fantabulicious time though!!!!!!! :D

    1. It's alright :) and yahe I totally did! Yiiii-haa!

  3. What an interesting time you had in Paris and the photos are super. Nice to think you can go again when the next tenant moves out. Was that comment from the Matthew who lives in the building? Mother is Susan?

    1. Yes, exactly! That's him! See you in October :)