DIY Necklace Holder

I think I'm addicted to Pinterest. All the mouth-watering recipes, home decor ideas and DIY projects give me a lot to think about. I go into this zone where I imagine how much more practical and fun my life will be with all these projects. I call it my "pinteresty dream time."
We can all agree on how fun it is to pin all these recipes, DIY's and smart tips on everyday tasks, but how many of these pins do we actually use?
A minority.
In my case, other than a few recipes, none.
So I decided that from now on I'm going to make time to pursue some of the creative projects I've pinned to my boards.
I enlisted the help of my meticulous handy-man of a dad to help me make this...
Necklace holder made from old wood and furniture knobs!

Isn't it pretty?

I decided to make this because ever since December when we moved I have felt that our apartment isn't homey and decorated enough. Little by little we've been trying to improve it though.
I bought the furniture knobs at Zara Home and I found the long piece of wood lying in the grass of a park nearby.

To start off we cut the wood because our piece was way too long. The action of sawing created a lovely woodsy smell, which was quite pleasant, the only down side being the wood shavings to be vacuumed afterwards ;)

After that we calculated where the holes for the furniture knobs would go so we could drill holes. I decided to go with a slight zig-zag to make it even more unique.

The only complication after drilling the holes in the wood was that the screws of the furniture knobs were longer than the width of the wood... so in order for the tips of the screws not to stick out of the wood we had to saw parts of them off, which was a little time consuming.

Then the funnest part came: inserting the furniture knobs into the wood!

Once they were screwed in we were done. Then it was time to choose where it would go! My dad installed little hooks on the wall where we decided it would be hung, that way it can be removed easily if needed.

I am very pleased with the result. It gives a nice whimsical touch to my bathroom which was otherwise a bit boring.

Feel free to share with me any projects you've done recently in the comments below, I'd love to hear about what you've been up to creatively!


  1. What a great idea! Thanks for the idea :)

    1. You're welcome :) hope you get the chance to make it!

  2. That looks so nice. You are very clever. Thanks for sharing

  3. This looks very nice! I love the knobs you chose to use!I might give this a try!

  4. That is super cute Carmen! I love that you used a found piece of wood. xoxo