I'm on Instagram!

Just a quick word today to let you know that after giving it a lot of thought, I finally opened an Instagram account!
I'm loving it so far.
I haven't spent much time on it with everything else going on (yes, I only posted two pictures up until now), but if you leave me your account name I'll definitely follow you and we can be Insta-Friends (can you say that?)!
I added an Instagram badge to the side of my blog underneath my Pinterest button, but you can just click the link to my page right here:
I'm @carmenpriotto (http://instagram.com/carmenpriotto).

Do you have Instagram? Link up!

Have a nice week everybody.

P.S: These are Instagram cookies I found on Pinterest! How awesome is that?



  1. welcome to insta! it's such a fun social network! i added you :) emdavis24 :)

  2. yay!! Welcome to instagram! I used to have an instagram account, but I haven't really been active on it for a long time hehe! I just don't have time boo hoo =( hehe. I love the pic. of the instagram cookie though!


  3. Following you! :) Glad you joined Instagram.
    Tane ♥