If I had all the time in the world...

A day, to me, is just too short.
Sometimes I feel like with school and homework I have almost no time left to myself, and to do all the things I love.

If I had all the time in the world;

I would bury my soul in books,

spend hours at the bookstore,

contemplate life over a cup of tea,

write until the tips of my fingers hurt,

run until my list of favorite music exhausted,

travel to India, Thailand and Canada,

take long walks under the early morning sun when the air is crisp,

snuggle for hours on my bed with my two darling cats,

spend hours at starbucks or outside with my friends,

go out and practice taking pictures of anything interesting I find,

dance and  dance and dance with my Irish Dancing club until my toes are numb,

create and try new recipes to share with those I love,

and finally, do all of this while getting  the sleep my body longs for.

Do you relate?


  1. I so relate, I like all that stuff. But I would also go and spend time with my 12 guinea pig, who I LOVE, just like my 2 cats! (Cats, and guinea pigs are my are my favorite animals, what are your favorite animals?!?!) Anyway what a lovely post this is, one of the best I read ALL day! You are a cool blogger!
    Grace xxx ♥ :) http://gracequita.blogspot.com/ My blog link! :)

  2. For sure! Days go by too quickly

  3. ohhh I can relate to everything you write here!! I always wish I had more time so I could do all the things that I want such as travel and spend time with my pets! ohh and sleeping is a huge thing I need to do more of lol!!
    I wish I was a little kid again!


  4. Yes yes YES. I agree with all of those, but I'd also visit New York for a bit aswell.

  5. I agree, yeah, days are too short! But I know if I had all the time in the world I would spend a lot of it browsing tumblr xD
    Anyway great ideas :)

    1. I would probably spend a lot of time on Pinterest... it's good to be honest. x)

  6. Do you like going outside and running? If yes, how often?

    1. Yeah, running is so liberating. :)
      I run about once a week... twice if I'm blessed with the time!

    2. Oh, great. I go running in the Parc de Gerland once a week myself. Although running 2 or 3 km is like my warm-up. I go there to practice martial arts. I love running so much, but thing is I might have to stop soon, due to heart problems I've been having recently. Hopefully I'll get better.

      Keep running, gurl! Brofist.

  7. I totally agree! I can't do everything that I want to do in a day because school and all of my hobbies take up so much time that I literally have no motivation to do anything out of that. *sigh* I would love to bake and cool all day even though I already do that! I ditch homework so I can bake cookies but don't tell anyone *shh*

    1. I just love you. Ditching homework to bake cookies. You bad girl.