There are some things, in this world, which are irreplaceable, rare, and precious; you have to look out for them and appreciate them fully while they're still happening.

Like the sound of silence.

In a noisy city like mine, how often do you find yourself in complete and total silence? Whether it's outside or inside, there is ALWAYS some sort of noise:
The tick of the clock, the motor of a car.
The sound of my brother eating cereal, the clickety-clack of my mom's fingers on her keyboard.
A baby's cry, the whoosh of the wind through the trees.
So when I find myself enjoying a book on the sofa, while my brother, next to me, is doing the same, and my dad is upstairs, and my mom is sipping her coffee without a sound, I literally


in the silence.
I drown in the silence, willingly, because it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard.
Silence, I've come to realize, is one of the loudest things you could ever hear.
Your ears are overwhelmed, in the best way possible, by the piercing absence of any noise, and your thoughts are crystal clear.

Remember to treasure these moments of silence: they don't come often and they are just as beautiful as a melody.

The number one key to “hearing” (more like feeling) your Higher Self is to quiet the ego.  The more you can keep the ego minimized and silent, the more you are able to feel and think via your Higher Self. --Cameron Day
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  1. Wow, this is a lovely post. Sometimes I hate hearing so many noises, it's annoying and loud. I truly cherish those moments when I'm alone at home and it's so nice and quiet haha. I love the sound of silence. It's so peaceful and you get to hear your thoughts wander..

  2. That is a beautiful post. I agree with you completely, there is just too much noise in the world. I do love some noise such as raindrops, thunder and birds chirping in the early morning. Its the man made noisy cars and trucks and busses that I find unpleasant. Do you like the Simon and Garfunkle song - the sound of silence. I love it. You are a wonderful writer.!!!

  3. Lovely thoughts and so true! xoxo Will there be silence in April when we are all together??? :)

  4. Great post! :)

    Yeah. Sometimes, I find life too full of noises. I just wanna pull a pillow over my head to block out all the sounds and enjoy some silence... (Sadly, it doesn't last very long, especially when you have younger siblings... :P)


  5. Yes, yes, yes. You've just described exactly how I feel. Silence is beautiful. :)


  6. so beautiful! yes, there's wayy to much noise in the world. listening to the silence has become my hobby this past few days, and when you really pay attention to it, the silent is really silently noisy..if that makes sense (:
    rainbows and dreams

  7. Silence is definitely a gift :) My house is actually pretty silent, so I feel like I'm used to it, but I always go through those phases where it's super noisy and I want it to just quiet down.

    1. I wish my house was silent, consider yourself lucky... ^^

  8. Lovely post - I agree. There's a quote from one of Taylor Swift's songs: I've never heard silence quite this loud...
    Anyway, this post reminded me of that...great writing!
    Tane ♥

    1. Thaks Tane :]
      I love those lyrics... now I've got the song stuck in my head!


  9. Silence is golden, especially in today's hustle-bustle world. Knowing it puts you one step forward to serenity. Great post!
    Susan Joyce