Sunflower blogger award!

Hello everyone. It has been a long time!
I am on summer vacation right now, and for a brief moment I started feeling bad about not posting more on this little corner of the earth. But then I realized how very lucky I am to have so much going on in my life. So I'm not going to apologize. NEVER APOLOGIZE for living your life to the fullest! The best part of living is being out in the world, with the people you love, DOING what you love. 

Anyway. A long, long time ago, Natasha from Savouring Each Moment nominated me for the Sunflower Blogger Award. She is a great blogger so you should definitely check her out! Thanks Natasha :)

The rules:

1) Share 11 facts about yourself.
2) Answer the questions asked by your nominated blogger.
3) Nominate your bloggers 
4) Set 7 questions for your nominated bloggers.

11 facts about myself:
1) I'm learning how to surf this summer (YAYY!)
2) I just came back from a trip to Paris with my best friend a few days ago.
3) Cats. Cats. Cats. KITTEHS. 
4) I am 15 years old.
5) When I was little I imagined that at age 15 I'd be living the life of Gabriella Montez from High School Musical.
6) Indeed, when I was little I was OBSESSED with High School Musical.
7) My obsession has now moved on to the movie How I Live Now (GO CHECK IT OUT).
8) I overthink. I'm not going to say "way too much" because I personally think that it's great to THINK.  I'm not even sure if I agree with the term overthinking
9) I am vegetarian.
10) Sometimes I'm slow. I tend to enjoy the process instead of getting right to the point.
11) I made a pact with myself that I will NEVER, EVER be a smoker. 

Natasha's questions:

1.      What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?(lame, I know… ><)
This is not a lame question, Natasha, NOT LAME!!! But there are sooo many flavors!!! I have to say that I absolutely love Ben&Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup (I think it might actually be heaven under the form of ice cream) but I also love a good mint-chocolate-chip. Hmm.

2.      What’s your favorite kind/brand of chocolate?
I don't think I can answer this question. There are too many brands of chocolate. And so many of them are exquisite! But am I allowed to say Reese's? I know it's not really a chocolate brand but it's still my favorite.

3.      If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
I never really thought this through... I'm actually quite happy with my name! I don't know many Carmens. :) 
But I have thought about what I would name my daughter: India, Olivia...

4.      What’s your favorite sport?
I'm not sure I have a favorite sport! I love dancing, yoga, swimming... Even running!

5.      What was something you believed to be real (when it actually wasn’t) when you were younger?(sorry… I just can’t phrase it right :[)
Ummm... :] probably many things :]

6.      What was the weirdest food you’ve eaten? 
It might not sound "weird" at first, but... Cheese. Cheese is a very, very peculiar food. Cheese is rotten milk. 

7. What is one thing you wanna do but know you can never (or most probably not be able to)accomplish?
Never say never! Unless you have unrealistic dreams like "living forever", with enough determination, ANYTHING is possible. It's true!

The bloggers I'm nominating:
+ anyone else! If you want this award comment below and I'll add you to the list :)

My questions:

1) What's your astrological sign? Does your personality actually correspond to what it says about you?
2) What is your favorite social media?
3) If your home burst into flames, and you could only save three things, what would you grab?
4) What book did you last read?
5) If you had to stay the same age your whole life, what age would you pick?
6) What is your favorite snack?
7) Why did you start blogging?


  1. This is so interesting to read! I agree, overthinking is a lie, a LIE I tell you!

    And your questions are really good - thank you so much for nominating me, you obviously have great taste in blogs! :)


  2. Thanks for posting! I love your answers, haha!


  3. Hey you´ve a great blog!
    Please check out mine and if you want we can follow each other
    here on bloglovin and via GFC?
    Let me know, now it´s your turn.

  4. ohhh This is a really fun read! I hope you are enjoying your summer vacation so far =)
    I'm glad that you will never be a smoker since I will never be a smoker either!! Kittens are the best and I tend to overthink too.. I'm trying to stop thinking so much this summer lol!