To wear shorts or NOT to wear shorts?

Before it gets too cold, I want to share my opinion on a topic which, I believe, most girls/women can relate to in this modern day.
The topic is, to what extent should shorts be banned in school? Do they deserve to be looked down upon?

What stirred up these questions for me is the fact that one very, very hot day, I was stopped by a counselor at the entrance of my school, to discuss the length of my shorts.
"Your shorts are much too short", she said. "You will have to stop wearing them to school".

Although I did not argue with her, my immediate thoughts were "why ME of all people?! Half the girls are wearing shorts today! Why did she have to embarrass ME?"
And then I started wondering, why should I even be embarrassed? Indeed, it WAS a very hot day, and half the girls really WERE wearing shorts.

For the record, I wasn't wearing those types of shorts that reveal your butt. Yes, they were short shorts, but paired with the appropriate shirt and shoes. It was clear that my intention wasn't to be provocative.  I DO agree that teens, at school, shouldn't dress provocatively. But I think that the rules should be revisited.
      According to the rules, girls shouldn't wear short shorts, in the simple measure of avoiding harassment. Well, I think something is very wrong with that rule. If it's a hot day, and short shorts are more comfortable than long shorts, AS LONG AS IT'S NOT PROVOCATIVE, a girl should be allowed to wear her shorts without having to worry about being harassed. That is something that needs to be changed in GUYS, not girls! Guys have to learn to control themselves!
Girls shouldn't be discriminated against for showing some skin! Skin is human. The guys who will supposedly "harass" somebody wearing shorts NEED TO LEARN that YES, women have bodies and YES, they are allowed to do what they want with them and YES, they demand to be respected.

Don't you agree?


  1. Amen! Couldn't have said it better myself. :)

    It annoys me so much that girls have to cover up for their own good, when it should be boys learning that yes, congratulations, we have skin. Control yourselves. We're not objects that you can just stare at and think "Oo, she's wearing shorts, I'm going to harass her." No.

    Great post.


  2. Oh my, I agree with you so much!
    The feminist inside of me immediately screamed out the second I read this post - you are so, so, so right. Although we may, unfortunately, live in a patriarchal society, this is the 21st century and people should realise that. Girls wearing shorts? Is there REALLY a problem with that? Asdfghjkl what is wrong with the world.
    The Blog Hermit


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      The Blog Hermit

    2. I just attempted follow you again and it turns out I already AM following you! Haha. I love reading your posts!

  3. I agree!
    Although it is good to decide to be, you know, very modest - I don't think you should judge those who wear shorts at all. I wear shorts, and I don't feel like God is angry with me over it. :)

  4. In India its a lot worse, trust me! You just can't walk on the streets wearing shorts.. Or skirts. If you wear knee length people stare at you as though you haven't worn clothes. Its the sad truth. I agree with you. The right approach should be taken towards this issue. Why are the girls always blamed?! And counsellors are giving the wrong idea by doing this.

    Defining Me

    1. That must be so intense! I can't imagine it! But one day, I might see for myself... It's my dream to live in India. :D

  5. Well said! I've had a similar conversation with my daughter about the length of her school skirt...shorts are not allowed over here as part of school uniform.