Somebody special was born 13 years ago

My dweeb, it has already been a year and a month that we've known each other, but I feel that I've known you my whole life.
It's never boring with you. You make me smile even when i'm at my worst. You mean so much to me, and I know you'll always be there. Things I have never been able to share before with anybody I have shared with you. It's like we think alike sometimes (remember the people that look like animals? lol). I don't know anybody like you (except for yourself hahaha.)
Tomorrow you will have been alive for 13 years.
Happy birthday!!!! :)

Ma petite claudette de la prairie, ça fait un an et un mois qu'on se connait, mais j'ai l'impression que je t'ai connue toute ma vie.
On ne s'ennuie jamais avec toi. Tu me fais sourire même pendant les temps les plus durs. Tu comptes tellement pour moi. Il y a des choses que je te dis que je ne dirai à personne d'autre au monde. Je ne connais personne d'autre comme toi.
Demain tu auras vécu 13 ans.
Joyeux anniversaire!!! :)
                                                               Classic Souad face.

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  1. I dont now what to say alala haha i feel the same things you said about me to you