Watch this- another amazing 13 y/o with a project!

My last post was about an awesome 13 year old, and here I am to write about another one! This is Nina, my close friend from school. We have known each other for over a year now, and in that time I have heard her sing lots of times. And trust me, she is an amazing singer.
I am SO jealous of her voice! Just listen to this!

Mon dernier article parlait d'une fille de treize ans super cool, et aujourd'hui je vais en parler d'une autre! Je vous présente Nina, mon amie très proche. On se connaît du collège, et ça fait plus d'un an que je l'entends chanter. Et croyez moi, elle est incroyable!
Je suis tellement jalouse de sa voix! Écoutez moi ça!

I find it so cool that teens like us have so many ways to express ourselves, through singing, writing... and the web facilitates it!
Every Saturday Nina will be posting a new video, so subscribe to her YouTube channel to stay tuned! :)

Je trouve que c'est vraiment trop bien que les ados comme nous ayons tellement de façons de nous exprimer, en chantant, en écrivant... et internet facilite tout ça!
Chaque samedi Nina mettra une nouvelle vidéo sur sa chaîne YouTube, alors inscrivez-y vous pour toutes les voir! :)


  1. OMG!!!! her voice is amazing :O
    I'll sub to her! :)

  2. Your blog is super duper fun, it makes me want to have one, I might just make one actually!
    And your friend sings really nicely, did she post other videos of her singing?

    1. Oh, thanks! :)
      And yes, but she only started like a week ago, so she only has two videos for now! But I'm sure there are a lot more to come.