Interview #3: Rachel from The Vegan Mishmash

On Tuesday I posted an interview with Kelly, a vegan baker in New Jersey. Today, I want to share the answers my bloggy friend Rachel answered for me, who is a vegan and also has her own Blog.
Rachel is a Full-Time Student and Part-Time Tour Guide for her school in Maine.
Since when have you been vegan, and for what reason(s) did you become vegan?
My first veganniversary just past. I've been vegan since March 9, 2012, though I've been interested and tried it out on and off since 2009, when I was 16.
I became vegan for ethical reasons. I remember early February of 2012, I was sitting in my dorm room listening to Vegetarian Food For Thought podcast. That particular episode was about chickens, how amazing they are, and all the cruel things humans do to them and I remember thinking "That's it. I'm done." Admittedly, I didn't take the full leap until about a month later, but I came very close. In the end, there weren't any good reasons for me to keep eating animal products, even "humane" ones.

Do you take any nutritional supplements?
I currently take a B-12 supplement and occasionally a D supplement.

How do you deal with people's lectures about how being vegan is "unhealthy"?
I point out that none of the nutritional requirements we as humans have are meat based. The only one that is not plant based is B-12 and that's bacteria based. The common deficiencies associated with veganism, such as iron deficiencies, are common in all people. Everyone needs to make sure they're meeting their nutritional needs, not just vegans and vegetarians. Finally, I point out that cholesterol comes from animal products, not plants.

Do you ever get tempted by non-vegan foods?
Once in a while chocolate or baked goods tempt me, but only if we're out in public, otherwise, I make my own. I have gotten over cheese and other dairy products by not eating them (my palate adjusted) and finding plant based options that I like.
Thank you, Rachel, for taking the time to answer these questions!


  1. Being vegan sounds interesting but the concept of living without chocolate... how would you survive! Does vegan milk chocolate exist??? I hope so!
    no but seriously I should consider this vegans are so healthy compared to us. It's shocking. I love interviews great job! It's fun!

    1. Yes, vegan milk chocolate exists. How else do you think vegans live?
      Yes they're very healthy that's why I was leaning towards veganism :)

    2. Thanks for interviewing me! I enjoyed answering your questions.

      Even though dark chocolate is my favorite, I really enjoy this brand of vegan milk chocolate candy bars. My favorites are the Mahalo, Snap!, and Cleo's.

  2. Great interviews. thanks. I am considering veganism as well, and this helps. Thanks