The Fault In Our Stars

Guys. I've just started reading this book. It's AMAZING. I just had to write a blog post about it! It is so, so good. I am in love. With a book.
                       The Fault in Our Stars
It's The Fault In Our Stars, by John Green, and I realize that a lot of you who are reading this post right now have probably already read this book because it won an award and was on everyone's bedside table a little while ago already, but I HAVE to rave on about this book. So poo you. I've been wanting to read it since this summer but never got the chance to because of all the books I've been reading for school and because I had all these other books I wanted to read too and also just because I have so much to do all the time in general that it's not like I really have the time to sit around for a couple of hours just enjoying a good book. But TGIF, when I got home from school that's exactly what I did! I came through the door, dropped my bag to the floor, took off my shoes, ran up to my bedroom to grab The Fault In Our Stars, ran back down and plopped myself down onto our new fabulous L-shaped sofa and read for two whole hours. It may not seem like a lot to some of you bookworms, but right now having that time to spare without having to worry about anything is pretty rare for me. It was pretty dang awesome.
I guess I had been craving a good book for a long time because my eyes literally devoured more than half the book.
I don't know how to explain what it is about John Green's writing. Sometimes there's just something that keeps you reading, and reading, and reading. His writing is addictive. Is this what it feels like to be on drugs?
He writes so convincingly from the point of view of a teenage girl with cancer, Hazel, that it's almost too hard to believe that John Green is a completely healthy man.
This book is not one of those books on someone with cancer that is unrealistically inspiring, like where the person with cancer wins the marathon, starts a foundation and beats the cancer, and all throughout the book the person talks about how wonderful life is. Not that those books are bad, but this book is so true and real. But not in a depressing way. In a sweet and humouristic way, which is one of the things that makes Hazel so lovable.
This book was perfect for a rainy day like this one (spring has promised us beautiful rays of sunlight but has betrayed us with cold windy showers)
If you haven't already, get your hands on this book.
I can't wait to learn what happens to Hazel and Augustus next!

This is off subject, but today my Grandma is 77 years old. Happy birthday, Grandma! :)


  1. Oh my GOD...I just started reading the same book. And I agree, it is un-put-down-able. So funny, to think you are there and I am all the way across the world in China and we are reading the same book. Happy Borthday to your grandmother!

    1. Hi Christiane! What are you doing in China? Wow. That must be awesome.

  2. That sounds like a great book! I so should read more often but I always end up blogging and reading blogs and surfing well I must sound like a total geek haha. Happy easter!


    1. Yeah I relate :) While reading other blogs time flies! I try not to spend too much time on them but I love the blog community!

  3. A good book and a cozy sofa are my BFF's.
    happy birthday to your grandma!