Easter Brunch

How was your Easter? Mine was awesome. You'll never guess what my family and I did.
We... we...

Oh. It's in the title.

So we had an Easter brunch. Lots of chocolate eggs involved. ;)
We made scones for the first time, and oh my, were they good. How did they disappear so fast?

We added chocolate chips to one batch, and they were super-yummy, but I think I like them plain better. We got the recipe from Joy of Baking.

We also made this lemon-blueberry yogurt cake, but without the lemon, and not just blueberries but also raspberries and blackberries. We got this recipe from smitten kitchen. And I'm proud, because our cake looked almost just like the cake in the picture from smitten kitchen.

Berry Yogurt Cake
It was delightfully moist and light. It could have used a little more sugar, according to my dad, but that's one of the things I liked about this cake: not being too sweet. It goes perfectly with a sunny day and a nice mug of tea.
What did you do for Easter?

Fresh strawberries

On another note, I'd like to share a recent discovery with you. The other day, as I was looking for a definition of malted milk, I typed it into google and clicked on malted-milk.com. Instead of getting my definition, this music started playing out of nowhere! Well, out of the speakers actually. Malted milk is a band! I feel like it was destiny or something, because they're a really good band. They're french guys from Nantes and they know how to groove. Check them out!


  1. the first comment is quite funny :D at easter, like you, I eat tons of chocolate bunnies and eggs.