I'm too upset to call this anything.

If you are not in the mood for reading about something utterly disgusting and wrong then I apologize.
Have you heard "High School" by Nicki Minaj featuring Lil Wayne? If you haven't and you're under 18 and you are typing it into YouTube right now let me warn you that you won't actually be allowed to watch the video. Yes. It's that bad.
I was just on YouTube the other day listening to "Bust your windows" by Jazmine Sullivan and an ad for "High School" song popped up. I clicked on it, because even though I've come to hate Nicki Minaj and most of her awful "music", I did like "Super Bass" at first. So I was curious. I listened to the song without the video... I should have known not to.
I'm sorry, but what the hell is wrong with this woman?! Who in their right mind would participate in a song like that? And who listens to this?! Why would a song like that even exist?!
She must be crazy.
I am so embarrassed right now. Is this what adults think of my generation? That we're superficial porno pigs that have no taste in music at all?
Maybe, in like 2050 or something, this is the only type of music that will be produced anymore...
Do you share my disgust?