Girl and Laptop

I remember a few years back when my mom was writing her first book, and she was constantly trying to fit some writing time into her crazy schedule. I observed her with wonder as her fingers flew across the keyboard of her laptop, like she was transmitting a secret code to the screen.
How can she type so fast? I always wondered. And why won't she let me use her laptop?

"My laptop is my baby" my mom would explain to me, "I don't want anybody other than me to use it. If something were to happen to it, I'd be devastated. One day you'll understand."

Today I understand. My grandparents just gave me a brand-new laptop, one which they had bought for themselves but didn't make use of, and now I don't want ANYONE but me touching it. I get testy when my mom spends more than fifteen minutes on it!

I couldn't quite grasp the idea of what it means to have an object so close to your heart, one that you can pour all your thoughts into. It's like an instrument for creativity.

Now, when I have a burst of inspiration, when words form in my head and I feel I could use them one day, I just open up my laptop... it's never been so easy!

A laptop is a totally different experience from a desk computer.

I know that this post is materialistic. I just find it funny to realize how much we value some things and not others.


  1. Your laptop is a great thing to value because you've placed your heart and soul inspirations in it. I feel the same way. Always remember to do a back up of your work on a regular basis... just in case it ever malfunctions.

    1. I still haven't backed up my work... Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I am so happy that you love your laptop. Now you can send many blogs. We are still having pretty fall days with colorful leaves but it is getting a bit more chilly at night.

  3. Reply to link: Pleasure is mine. I hope to be able to give you many new tips like these!

    I love my laptop too. Materialistic or whatever. Its important. These we have almost our entire lives on these "materials"

    Defining Me

    1. You're right: imagine how disorganized the world would be if computers suddenly seized to exist!