I feel like I've disappeared from the blogosphere this week... I'm in a really busy period right now. Coming up on Tuesday are nine hours of tests which will determine whether I go to Lycée next year, which is the equivalent of high school (high school starts one year later in France than in the states). 
This means I'll be studying ALL WEEKEND!!! Yippee!

Sooo... I better get started. But first, here's some motivation. All of us, sometimes, need motivation, whether we need it for studying, exercising or ANYTHING really!

These are quotes I love... they're not very philosophical, but they sure are true, no matter which way you cut it. Which one of these is your favorite?

You are what you do, not what you say you'll do.The secret to getting ahead is getting started
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Have a nice week everybody :]


  1. I always love reading these inspirational quotes! It's great to cheer myself up by reading them <3

  2. I love all these quotes! I wish you the best on your test!!! Your going to do great and you seem like such a motivated person!! =) Just think about the freedom you will have after your done!! =)
    Good luck!!

  3. aw, these are so sweet! especially the second one - so true!!

    also, good luck for the exams!

  4. don't worry about leaving your blog for a number of days. we all know you'll come back to it <3
    tbh, those quotes are awesome.