OR.GA.NIZE! #2 Wall art

Hey everyone! Is it as sunny where you live as it is here? The sun has finally shown itself and I LOVE it!

     Today I present you with the second post of my series OR.GA.NIZE! which I started a few weeks ago.
This project is a simple one. It's not particularly organizational; it's more decorative. This post is meant to encourage you to decorate your walls, by giving you a cute example of what I did!

     I recently purchased this poster from an Etsy shop owned by the lovely Ella Moe in Stockholm, Sweden.

It arrived in the cutest package and with a nice little note inside.

And because I had no frame to put it in, my dad and I ventured out to Ikea this weekend. We bought a very nice frame for JUST nine euros! Almost everybody I know has something from Ikea in their house, and I know that some people tend to avoid it because "it's not unique" or "too simple". But I have to say, you can buy some really great stuff there! Don't you agree?
RIBBA Cadre IKEA Le passe-partout fait ressortir la photo et rend l'encadrement plus facile.

     As I said earlier, this isn't the most complicated or unheard-of of projects but it really dressed up my bedroom wall so I wanted to share it with you.
And I only just noticed that Ella Moe's Etsy shop AND Ikea are both Swedish! Funny right?

To recap:

  • Buy a poster (I recommend browsing on Etsy)
  • Buy a frame at Ikea (it really does look nice!)

I hope this is inspiring to you! For so long  my bedroom wall was bare and it made me feel so frustrated! This poster has already made a huge difference. 


  1. yea it's sunny here in GA (usa) and it's warming up a tad b/c it was cold earlier. now it's 62. will be glad when it gets back 70 and 80 with a cool breeze


  2. That poster is awesome!! Love it!

  3. When I lived in Germany, most of my apartment and studio were furnished with Ikea everything. Great company. None exist in Uruguay, unfortunately.
    Susan Joyce

  4. That's awesome!! Thank you for posting this it is really pretty, I wish I could go to Ikea, But I live in South Africa! :P :)
    Grace xxx ♥ ♥

    1. this poster is gorgeous

      and i agree with your point about ikea, i bought a super simple wooden chair for super cheap in there and its just SO COMFORTABLE & GOOD QUALITY!

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