Guilty of Murder

A few weeks ago, I was complaining about how disappointing and rainy this spring was. Now, summer is approaching, and the sun has finally caught up with the seasons. Which means I have something new to complain about! YAYYY!

Hot weather brings mosquitoes. And I hate mosquitoes! I'm not going to lie to you here. When it comes to mosquitoes, I'm super whiny. I just can't get used to the idea that some little insect is making a microscopic hole in my skin through which he'll suck blood from MY body! It's just too horrifying.
It's definitely not like me to hate another creature, whether it's ugly, stinky, or annoying. I believe that no violence should be used against animals, that any creature with a brain deserves to keep living. I'll stand there yelling at somebody for ten minutes if I see them squish an ant.
Which is why I was quite surprised that I did what I did. What did I do? I killed a mosquito.
*head lowers in shame*
Now I know some of you kill all the mosquitoes you come upon and are thinking "this is what being vegetarian does to you, you see: she can't even kill a little mosquito. Oh, my God, she's such a freak!" but I just can't help feeling a little bit guilty. Have you thought about what it's like to be a mosquito? You're this tiny defenseless bug in a big, big world, and you need to feed your kids. So one night, you go on a mission to find the drop of blood which will nourish all of your kids. So you fly away, leaving your babies alone. Then you find a human. You approach, slowly, trying to make the least noise possible (that's not going very well) and you find a vein, let's say, on the shoulder of that person. You don't want to harm the person, you  just want a teeny tiny fraction of their blood. As discretely as possible, you lower down onto their skin. You're about to dive on in when you sense some sort of huge object hovering right over you. And then, it's all over. The worst has happened. The one thing you've always feared has taken place and now your babies are left to fend for themselves. And all you wanted was a small drop of blood.

In other words, it would pretty much suck having to live in fear like that all the time.
I am the person the mosquito targeted. I am the one who squished it. Did that little bug deserve to have it's life ended?
I am guilty of murder.


  1. much to say. First, the ones that bite are females, not males. Second, these mamas don't take your blood back to the babies. They bite just to be able to lay more eggs in the ponds. Third, the natural enemy of the mosquito is the dragon fly, so you could cultivate dragon flies and let them do the evil deed. Fourth, mosquitoes give us nasty diseases, so your act of murder was really justifiable homicide. So swat away. Aunt Margi

  2. Very good blog about mosquitos. I don"t like them at all and they kill lots of people every year giving malaria, west Nile virus and lots of other bad diseases.Hope you have screens on your windows or you will be bothered all summer with these pests. Grandma

  3. hmmmmm my dear, seems that this post is stirring some controversy. I agree that it is wrong to kill, but maybe the dreaded mosquito is in a different category? I like your aunts idea baout dragonflies. How about a follow up on this?

  4. You can get a battery powered device that emits the sound a dragon fly makes. Check with sporting goods stores, or the homesteading sites. Aunt Margi

  5. where do you live that you get mosquitoes. o.O

  6. You should read the West African tale, "why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears" by Verna Aardema. It will give you something pleasant to think about whenever you hear that sinister buzz just as you are about to fall asleep. ;)