Olive's new style, bloglovin', and a special shout out

First off I'm gonna start my post with pictures of Olive, my female kitty, wearing her new accessory.
Ever since we adopted her and Gaspy, she's been going around collar-less, because the few times we tried (with great difficulty) putting one on her, it drove her crazy and she couldn't stop rolling around on the floor, madly batting at her neck. It was quite funny, actually. It looked like she was on drugs. But she definitely wasn't enjoying it.
Yesterday, though, my brother casually slipped it around her neck and she didn't seem to mind a bit! So we left her like that, and ever since then we can hear just where she is in the apartment, because the collar has a little bell that rings wherever she goes. No more sneaking around, Olive!

Just look at her! She is so cute! She's taken on a whole different appearance in my eyes.

On to the next subject.
For months now I've wanted to write a post about bloglovin', but every time I tried sitting down to write it I started writing about something else.
It's been a while that the sad and depressing news has been out that google friend connect is going to disappear after July 1st, but I've refused to face the fact and start building a community of readers on bloglovin' until recently. At first I couldn't believe GFC was leaving. What a loss of time and effort! I know I don't have that many followers, but nonetheless I've worked SO HARD to get them. And at last I started feeling that I have a base of followers worth writing for!
And then the news is out that I'm going to LOSE all these followers!
This is tragic, guys!
So if you have just a little mercy for me, could you take a few seconds to follow me on bloglovin'? It would make my day.
And if you don't already have a bloglovin' account, it's VERY SIMPLE to make one. It literally just takes one minute! And it's worth it. It makes reading through your favorite blogs very fast and easy!

And last but not least, I'd like to make a special shout out to my dear friend Matthew!
The 22nd of May was his birthday, and I failed to send him an email that same day... sorry again, Matt!
He has a YouTube channel where he posts funny videos, you can check them out here.
He's worked super hard on this channel, and his videos keep getting better and better! So if you would like to support another determined teen in succeeding in his project I'm sure he would be forever grateful to you for your subscription, likes, and comments!
Joyeux anniversaire, Mathieu!


  1. haha thanks for the shout out! ;)
    yeah I'll join bloglovin! :D

  2. Your cat+dog look super cute. I have this thing which I can put on ly cat and then I can walk him on a leash, not a great success ;-) I'll follow on bloglovin, and I agree its a shame GFC is disappearing!



  3. Owh I'm sorry thats just another pic of year dog, sorry!


  4. I'll follow you on bloglovin'! And I'll subscribe to your friend Matthew's ytube! Happy I can help! :D