What do you do when you're home alone?
I don't know about you, but I take advantage of the peace and quiet to practice my home yoga!
Sure, there are times when you want to kick back with a coke and watch TV, but trust me, once you're hooked onto YogaGlo, you will be ridding yourself of your couch potato-ness. It's addictive!
I tried a Yoga class at the beginning of the year in an actual yoga studio near my house (it made the subject of one of my first posts, actually), but wasn't completely satisfied. I'm glad I didn't sign up at that studio for the year because YogaGlo works so much better for me.
My mom and I have been getting really athletic lately... and as you know, after all sports, it's essential to stretch. Yoga complements our routine perfectly!
So what is YogaGlo? It's a paying website streaming yoga classes from a studio in L.A. The fee is something like 12 $ a month. And for the amount of time I spend there it's definitely worth it.
I'm obsessed. Practically everyday now I practice yoga, whether it's to stretch out after a workout or if it's to deepen my strength or flexibility somewhere, or even to adjust my attitude (there actually really is a class for that)!
There are many many classes to choose from: 21 teachers (I recommend Jason Crandell, Steven Espinosa and Tara Judelle), 10 yoga styles, 5 levels, and the duration you desire.
The yogic power has taken over my body. After six months my flexibility has majorly improved.
These are a few of my favorite poses:
Standard triangle
Triangle Pose


Uttanasana - Forward bend
Uttanasana (forward bend)
Strike a Yoga Pose: Double Pigeon
Double pigeon Pose

Ohm. :)


  1. I thought for sure you'd include a sentence about how the cats look shocked and Pop and Lorenzo hoot with laughter when we start chanting : ) xxxx Mom

    1. Hahah cool! My cat always, and I mean always. Wants to sit on my lap (even when I'm trying to put on my shoes) so doing home yoga might be a challenge ;-)


  2. Triangle pose is also MY favorite! cool! isn't it the best?!?!

  3. That sounds really good! I always cook when I'm home alone, made a banana cake cookie thingy yesterday. It was totally dilicious but yoga would have been much much healthier ;-)


    1. I guess if you look at it in a certain way, baking is exercise... You work your jaws with all that eating! ;)

  4. haha we are quite alike! I tend to exercise in my free time (well not all the time) but I don't see it as a punishment in comparison to other people. I love getting that exercise high after hehe .

    I have never done this type of yoga before but it seems like a really nice deal! Yoga really helps with my flexibility and I've been trying to do it on my rest days every week to prevent injury!


    1. Yeah we have lots in common! And trust me, once you're hooked on to Yogaglo you won't just be doing a weekly practice... It truly is addictive! ^^