Climb every mountain, follow every stream...

Happy 19th of August!
Yes. I know. The 19th of August isn't a special day. But today was pretty special to me!
Because how many days in a year do I get to hike 20 km in the french alps and then enjoy a luxurious moment at the spa overlooking the beautiful snow topped mountains?
(By the way, one of the mountains in our view is the M.Pourri, which translates to Mount Rotten... Haha)
We arrived at Ste Foye la Tarentaise on Saturday afternoon after a three hour jam packed train ride from Lyon. That night we ate out at a cosy-cute chalet restaurant where the food was delicious and we had a great time. Until now, yesterday and today consisted of a nice long hike followed by a relaxing moment in the spa (which children under 16 are banned from... nobody respects that, of course ^^).
I can't write more right now because I am being called for dinner... so have a wonerful 19th of August everybody. :)  


  1. Haha happy 19th of August!
    And pahaha mount pourrie! xD

    1. Yep, that's right x) I almost climbed it yesterday!

  2. wow! That sounds like a really long and fun hike!!
    Happy 19th of August =)