My first camp experience

Hi everybody! What have you been up to here in the blogosphere?
Can you guess why I don't know?
I was at camp!
For the first time ever!
I returned on Saturday after an exhilarating week of catamaran, paddle surf, kayak, night activities and dances, card games, pranking, ice cream testing and much, much more. It was honestly so much fun. I met some amazing people and lived crazy moments which I'll never forget.
Like, what do you do when your roommates bring guys into your bungalow at two a.m and keep you up with their loud talking until 4 a.m? And when the subject of their conversation is YOU and how inferior you are to them?
You sneak out of your window movie-style is what you do. Then after telling on them and getting them busted for the rest of the week you plot the pranks you're going to pull on them on the last night.
Or what do you do when some drunk guy approaches you on the beach at night and tries to pick you and your friends up?
You tell him to get lost then you track him down the next day and make friends with him after you've informed him how wasted he was.
The list of crazy first-times is too long to write. So take a look at all of these pictures instead.

We did a lot of Catamaran. It was such a blast! the biggest part of the sport, I believe, was all the giggling and screeching when big waves appeared and we thought the boat was going to tip over. Haha. :)

Night at camp was game time! The camp counselors did a really great job of organizing different hilarious activities and themes for every night.

Left to right: Bailey, Me, Nolwenn, Penelope, Jyoti, Marie
From left to right: CĂ©lian, Bailey, Me, Maxime, Thomas, Penelope
Bailey and I took pictures with our camp friends, especially with Penelope, a girl I wish I had around all the time. 
From left to right: Me, Penelope, Bailey


 After we were done packing up our bags and cleaning the bungalows, Penelope, Bailey and I went to the beach bar and ordered the BEST ice coffees I have ever tasted. They were SO good.

Ice Coffees

And last, creds to Bailey for this picture! I just love it.
Port Grimaud
When the time to leave the campsite came I couldn't hold back my tears because I knew I was going to miss all these people so much!
How is it possible to become so attached to a group of people in just one week? I never knew that leaving Port Grimaud would hurt so much...
This was first time EVER at camp and I had no idea how fast a week could pass!



  1. H9i What a wonderful experience that was. We went to St. Tropez years ago and yur mom and Lesely went sailing with some handsome young men. So happy you had the esperience and glad you are home safely. Love Grandma

  2. You look as if you had a awesome and fantabulocious times!

  3. I know how you feel! Time goes by fast when you are having fun!! You guys look like you were enjoying camp a lot. hehe you experiences remind me of my friends!
    I hope you can go back next year =)

    1. Yeah, ime goeas WAY too fast when you're having fun! xx

  4. Isn't it funny how a week can seem sooooo slow or so fast, depending on what you're doing?

  5. I love the photo of the 3 of you, taken by Bailey. Enjoying your blog!
    Big kisses
    Amanda (friend of your mom & Dad from MSF!)